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Transportation & Sightseeing
Getting around Palermo
(As schedules change from time to time, we cannot guarantee that this information will be correct when you visit.)

Flying into Palermo.From the airport: The simplest transportation is by bus. Buses depart every 30 minutes. The fare to Palermo is around €7. From the city of Palermo, the Prestia Comandé airport buses depart from the square in front of the main train station, with a stop at Politeama (for buses en route to the airport the stop is indicated by a sign at the corner of Via Libertà in front of Prada); presently (2017) there are departures for the airport from Politeama from 4:15 AM to 11:15 PM. The bus company's phone number is 091 586 351 and they have a website (look for English in the drop-down menu). Travel time averages 40 minutes but delays along the route are commonplace. A train (the "Trinacria Express") serves the route between the Palermo airport and the main railway station, departing every hour or so, but travel time can be ridiculously long, sometimes over 60 minutes; a ticket costs six euros. (Taxis are not recommended as you'll probably be grossly overcharged, but the official daytime rate for the airport is around 55 euros for the ride into the city, and higher after 8 PM. If you must use one, negotiate the fare with the driver in advance, never en route or at the journey's end.)

Getting around Palermo.Intercity Buses: Most buses from other parts of Sicily (Catania, Siracusa, Trapani) arrive and depart from Piazza Cairoli, reached on foot via a walkway located in the main train station near the post office and the platform of Track 1. Pedestrians must enter the station to get to the walkway.

In the city: A ticket for the orange buses (operated by AMAT), available from tobacco vendors, some bars and some news agents (or the AMAT kiosk in Via Libertà next to Politeama), costs €1.40 (one euro forty cents) and is valid for 90 (ninety) minutes. You must stamp the ticket in one of the machines near the entrances of the vehicle upon boarding the first bus you take using that ticket. (There is a fine of €52 for failure to comply.) A simple summary of a few local bus routes (by number):

• Monreale via Corso Calatafimi from Piazza Indipendenza and return - 389;
• Mondello taking Via Libertà from Politeama and return - 806;
• Main Train Station via Via Libertà with return along Via Roma - 101;
• Piazza Indipendenza to Porta Felice near the Sea along Via Vittorio Emanuele and return - Linea Verde ("L/V") or Green Line;
• Piazza Indipendenza (Norman Palace) to Politeama area and English Garden - 104.

For more information, including maps and bus routes, visit the AMAT website.

Sightseeing: City Sightseeing operates double-deck tour buses along two routes in the old part of the city and occasional departures for hilltop Monreale. A one-day ticket permits you to hop on or off the bus at any designated stop. Visit their website for details, rates and a brochure in PDF format. While this isn't the same thing as having a qualified licensed tour guide, it's convenient if you're touring on your own on foot.

Not recommended.Equally important is what kind of sightseeing to avoid. Taxis are expensive, so get the price from the driver before entering. The horse carriages are infamously expensive, so here too you should get the price for your itinerary before entering the carriage. The three-wheel vehicles driven - in many cases - by younger people are never recommended! If, despite our advice to the contrary, you decide to see Palermo this way, for your safety at least choose a vehicle driven by one of the older drivers (one who looks to be over 40).

Automobile Rental: Agencies are located on the airport's lower level. Be warned that driving in Palermo's chaos can be challenging.

Ships, Ferries, Hydrofoils: Tirrenia is the principal operator servicing Sicily, with daily departures to Lipari, Naples, Genoa, Tunis and Sardinia. Snav has faster ships and a fleet of hydrofoils (service is seasonal). Or try Siremar. For travel to Malta, check out Virtu Ferries.

Trains: The national railway, Trenitalia, provides service to Palermo from other cities.

Airlines: Alitalia, Ryan Air, Easy Jet and Meridiana (which has direct flights from New York in summer) fly into Palermo.

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