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Guide to Norman Arab Byzantine Sicily.
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Public Beaches
Enjoying the sun in and around Palermo

Beaches in northwestern Sicily.There are several public beaches in and around Palermo. Mondello is the largest of those immediately near the city. Here's a quick guide to the accessible ones:

Mondello: This is a beach and district to the immediate west of Palermo, on the other side of Mount Pellegrino and the lush Favorita park (if you're not driving, the 806 bus along Via Libertà provides service to Mondello). It is a fairly large beach, and Mondello's central square and adjoining streets have a number of restaurants, bars and ice cream stands. As this public beach serves a city population of over a million, it can be quite crowded in the Summer months when school is not in session --though Palermo's students rarely allow studies to interfere with a day at the beach, skipping classes being something of a springtime tradition here.

Arenella: This "urban" beach in the Addaura district is located next to the Tonnara Florio near the Villa Igiea Hotel. By "urban" we mean that it is actually in the city, with residential buildings nearby. However, it does offer an advantage over Mondello in that it is rarely as crowded.

Aspra: This small public beach is located near the town of Bagheria to the east of Palermo

Cefalù: This public beach borders the charming town of Cefalù about an hour east of Palermo.

San Vito Lo Capo: This is a small, coastal resort town about an hour west of Palermo.

Isola delle Femmine: This town west of Palermo has a fairly large public beach.

Campofelice di Roccella: This is east of Palermo toward Cefalù.
Getting around northwestern Sicily.

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