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Guide to Norman Arab Byzantine Sicily.
Time Trav­eler's Guide to Nor­man Arab Byzan­tine Pa­ler­mo, Mon­reale & Cef­alù. If you're reading this page, this book is for you. Dis­cov­er multi­cul­tur­al me­dieval Si­cily! From Ama­zon US, Ama­zon UK, Ama­zon CA, Barnes & No­ble, Wa­ter­stones, Indi­go, Fish Pond and oth­er ven­dors. Pa­lermo: Lib­reria del Cor­so. Mon­reale: Cathe­dral Book­shop.


Old Palermo
Things to see and where to see them

What to see in central Palermo. 1) Cathedral
2) Norman Palace & Palatine Chapel
3) Quattro Canti
4) Piazza Pretoria Fountain
5) San Cataldo Church
6) Martorana Church
7) Theatine Church
8) Roman Panormus Site
9) Carthaginian Necropolis
10) Cuba Castle
11) Capuchin "Catacombs"
12) Zisa Castle
13) Steri Castle
14) Pal. Abatellis Art Gallery
15) Magione Church
16) Arab Gate (Oratorio Bianchi)
17) Spasimo Church
18) Massimo Opera House
19) Castle-by-the-Sea
20) St John of the Hermits
21) Capo Street Market
22) Vucciria Street Market
23) San Domenico Church
24) Casa Professa Church
25) Ballarò street market
26) St Francis of Assisi Church
27) St Anna Modern Art Gallery
28) Palazzo Mirto


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