Principal Biblical Scenes & Other Selected Mosaics in Monreale Cathedral
Visit our Monreale page. 1) Christ Pantocrator, 2) God creates Heaven & Earth, 3) God divides light from dark, 4) God divides waters, 5) God separates land from seas, 6) Creation of sun, moon, stars, 7) God creates birds & fish, 8) God creates Adam and land animals, 9) God rests, 10) God places Adam in Garden of Eden, 11) Adam alone in Eden, 12) God creates Eve, 13) Eve presented to Adam, 14) Eve tempted by serpent, 15) Adam & Eve eat forbidden fruit, 16) God confronts Adam & Eve, 17) Expulsion from Eden, 18) Adam & Eve toiling, 19) Sacrifice of Cain & Abel, 20) Cain kills Abel, 21) God confronts Cain, 22) Cain killed by Lamech, 23) Noah commanded to build ark, 24) Miracle of loaves & fishes (also number 38), 25) Healing of crooked woman (see also number 39), 26) Events from the life, death & Resurrection of Jesus, 27) Events & miracles from the life of Jesus,

A) Noah constructs ark, B) Animals board Noah's ark, C) Dove arrives, D) Animals exit ark, E) Rainbow signifies God's covenant, F) Drunken Noah in vineyard, G) Tower of Babel built, H) Abraham meets angels at Sodom, I) Abraham's hospitality, J) Lot protects angels, K) Lot flees destruction of Sodom with family, L) God commands Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, M) Angel stops sacrifice, N) Rebecca offers water to Abraham's servant, O) Rebecca journeys to meet Isaac, P) Isaac with sons Esau & Jacob, Q) Isaac blesses Jacob, R) Jacob flees Esau, S) Jacob dreams of ladder, T) Jacob wrestles with angel, U) Theotokos & Jesus enthroned surrounded by angels and apostles, V) St Sylvester, W) St Thomas Becket, X) St Paul enthroned, Y) St Peter enthroned, Z) Theotokos & Baby Jesus.

28) William crowned by Christ, 29) William dedicates church to Mary, 30) Healing of possessed woman, 31) Healing of leper, 32) Healing of lame man, 33) St Peter rescued from water, 34) Raising of widow's son, 35) Healing of woman's hemorrhage, 36) Rising of Jairus' daughter, 37) Healing of Peter's mother-in-law, 38) Multiplication of loaves & fishes, 39) Healing of crooked woman, 40) Healing of man suffering edema, 41 Healing of ten lepers, 42) Healing of two blind men, 43) Money changers expelled from temple, 44) Jesus with adulteress, 45) Healing of paralyzed man, 46) Healing of lame & blind, 47) Mary Magdalen washes Jesus' feet.

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