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Drinking in Palermo
Wine Bars & Pubs in the City

Unless otherwise indicated, each of these establishments is open evenings only. They serve snacks, and a few offer complete meals.

Il Siciliano. Wine bar near the Teatro Massimo opera house, at Via Orologio 37.

Santa Monica Pub. Popular on football (soccer) nights, this pub off Via Libertà near Politeama has a sandwich/snacks menu. Via Parisi 7.

Kursaal Kalhesa. Located along the old city wall off Piazza Kalsa between the Greek Gate (Porta dei Greci) and Via Lincoln, this establishment, built in an old Catalonian Gothic palace, is in the centre of what used to be the Arab quarter. One enters through a door in the medieval wall near the Jolly Hotel. It also has a restaurant. Closed Sunday. Foro Umberto Primo 121.

Mikalsa. A pub offering numerous Italian and imported beers, on Via Torremuzza off Piazza Kalsa, in a restored building next to the Church of Santa Teresa which dominates the square. Mikalsa has a youngish clientele.

Spinnato. Best known for its pastries, Spinnato also have a good wine list, mixed drinks and grappas. Via Principe di Belmonte 117 near Via Libertà and the Politeama opera house.

Cana Wine Bar. Located in a medieval building in a narrow street behind Piazza Marina a few steps from Piazza San Francesco, this charming little wine bar (with the emphasis on "little"), open evenings, offers a choice of Sicily's best wines. It's intimate and virtually unknown. Via Alloro 105 across from Palazzo Bonagia.

Mi Manda Picone. Located at the corner of Via Paternostro and Piazza San Francesco d'Assisi, this wine and snack bar boasts an inviting atmosphere in a historical building.

Byblo's. Good for wines and mixed drinks. Via Corleo at Via Archimede off Via Libertà.

Divin Cibo. Mostly wine. They also serve sandwiches. Via XII Gennaio 3, off Via Libertà.

Spasimando. Wines, snacks, drinks, some beers. In the Kalsa district in Via dello Spasimo across from the Spasimo church off Piazza Magione.

Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa Wine Bar. Part of a "literary 'park'" dedicated to the author of The Leopard, this charming spot offers Sicilian wines and various cocktails, and a glance at the books and other items (even props and costumes from Visconti's film) regarding Lampedusa's work as well as Old Palermo generally. Vicolo della Neve all'Alloro, running from Via Alloro to Piazza Marina in the Kalsa quarter.

Paskal. Wines, cocktails, tea, snacks and a little of everything. Via Scinà 190 on the corner right behind the Politeama opera house.

Tinto. At Via XX Settembre near the corner of Via Messina (off Via Libertà), this is a comfortable, elegant establishment offering a variety of wines, beer and other drinks --and even milk shakes. (Note that there is a €10 minimum per check, perfectly acceptable for a party of three or four but perhaps less so for a couple or if you're alone.)

Via Spinuzza. The street, running from Via Roma to Via Maqueda near the Teatro Massimo and Via Cavour, has several pubs, including Aboriginal, open evenings.

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