Key to Biblical Scenes in Mosaics of the Palatine Chapel of Palermo
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1) Creation of light and sea, 2) Separation of land from oceans, 3) Plants created, 4) Heavens created, 5) Fish and birds created, 6) Land animals created, 7) God creates Adam, 8) God rests, 9) God gives Tree of Knowledge to Adam, 10) God creates Eve, 11) Forbidden fruit, 12) Adam and Eve ashamed, 13) Expulsion from Paradise, 14) Adam and Eve toiling, 15) Cain and Abel, 16) Abel killed by Cain, 17) Confession of Lamech, 18) Enoch assumed into Heaven, 19) Noah and his family, 20) Noah's ark constructed, A) The dove returns, B) Noah leaves the ark, C) Noah plants vines, D) Construction of Babel, E) Abraham greets 3 angels, F) Lot resists Sodomites, G) Sodom destroyed, H) Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac, I) Rebecca, J) Isaac blesses Jacob, K) Jacob's ladder, L) Jacob wrestles angel, M) St Andrew, N) St Paul, O) Christ Pantokrator (ruler of all).

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