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A few sites of interest

Italian Trains. Railway schedules and ticket purchasing procedures. English section is useful. Not great on "usability" but still a good site. (When using the destination features, remember to use Italian names for certain cities, Siracusa instead of Syracuse, and that some cities have more than one station.)

Ships, Ferries, Hydrofoils. Several services can get you to the Italian or African mainland or the smaller islands. Tirrenia is the most important ship operator servicing Sicily, with daily departures to Lipari, Naples, Genoa, Tunis and Sardinia. This bilingual site provides schedules and useful ticket information. Snav has faster ships and a fleet of hydrofoils (service is only seasonal and their site has no English text). Or try Siremar. For travel to Malta, check out Virtu Ferries. Airlines servicing Palermo are indicated on our Trains-Planes-Buses page

Best of Sicily. Good general site about Sicily, with monthly online magazine.

Sicily Guest Farms. Agritourism is a kind of bed and breakfast on a working farm. This site lists some of Sicily's best, including some in northwestern Sicily not far from Palermo.

Sicily Tour Guides. Find a tour guide for Palermo or any part of Sicily.

Palermo Shore Excursions. Shore excursions and day-tours in Palermo and the surrounding areas.

Sicily Concierge. Personalised travel services in Palermo and around Sicily.

Palazzo Federico. Luxury bed and breakfast in historic Palermo, in a medieval home.

Where is Palermo. Great site with practical tips that presents Palermo as a living city. Places, people, nightlife.

Teatro Massimo. Informative bilingual Italian-English site of Sicily's most important opera house and concert hall, with a list of currently scheduled concerts, opera and ballet. The site includes an excellent history of the theatre's past seasons and its role as a symbol of Palermitan culture for a century. Concert-goers and opera-lovers can check out what's scheduled before they arrive in Palermo.

Madonie Golf Club. An 18-hole golf course within easy driving distance of Palermo, not far from Cefalù. Fairly challenging course in scenic location with Madonie Mountains in the background.

Sicily Wedding. Wedding planning in western Sicily. In castles, churches, cathedrals...

Two Sicilies. Bilingual site of the Royal House of Bourbon of the Two Sicilies, the dynasty that ruled Sicily (and most of southern Italy) from 1734 until 1860. Featuring interesting sections on aristocratic traditions, dynastic history, orders of knighthood and other current activities of Sicily's royal family, this site is particularly practical as a way of mentally linking places like the Chinese Villa, the Favorita Park and the Ficuzza Hunting Lodge to their royal heritage.

Battle of Hastings 1066. The other Norman conquest --of England. Great site dealing with this English battle fought five years after the Normans' Battle of Messina. Good general information on the conquerors of both Sicily and England. (Some Norman knights actually fought in both places.)

A Bequest Unearthed: Phoenicia. Best online source of information on the Phoenicians, who founded settlements in western Sicily around 750 BC. The site presents numerous specialised articles on all aspects of Phoenician history, society and culture --in Phoenicia and around the Mediterranean. Well-indexed and easily searched.

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