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Internet & Mobile Access
Getting connected in Palermo

Sicily in your pocket.Since few Sicilian hotels provide internet access, be it via computer terminals or rooms with modem access for your laptop computer, the only place to check your email or visit a website may be an internet access point ("internet café"). Rates vary, as do conditions: Don't presume economical "dynamic pricing," hundreds of terminals, espresso bars or even convenient hours. But you'll at least be able to get online to get in touch with your world. The phrase "internet point" is widely abused in Sicily, the typical one being nothing more than a solitary computer and modem in a shop that sells computers or makes photocopies. Our small but growing list consists of real internet access points you can use.

If you're using a cell phone, Blackberry or other PDA, it's good to know that Italy's three wireless carriers are Vodafone, TIM and Wind, all with outlets in Via Libertà between Politeama and the English Garden (Giardino Inglese) --Vodafone at number 21, TIM at number 37, Wind across the street at number 20. Your own carrier probably partners with one of these for service in Italy, but any of the three Italian firms can open a mobile account for you with minimum fuss (you'll be asked for a passport and credit card when signing up), and each outlet sells phones and other devices. FYI, a mobile version of the Best of Sicily Travel Guide can be accessed at

Here are some internet points:

Centro Phone, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 117 (near Piazza Marina)

Phone Center, Via Venezia 138 (off Via Maqueda near Quattro Canti)

Pretty Net, Via Bari 50 (near main post office and Piazza San Domenico)

World Phone, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 304 (near Quattro Canti)

International Phone Center, Via Maqueda 179 (near Quattro Canti)

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